A safe and secure atmosphere in school makes way for an effective teaching and learning environment. Apart from providing education, our school has taken it upon itself to provide a safe environment for its students and teachers.

Safety Apparatus

CCTV cameras are installed in the school premises and around the vicinity of the school. All the cameras are monitored by the concern staff during school hours.


The school also Electricity connection, two generator sets for Power backup.

To the commitment to society for Green energy Rajendra’s Academy has Solar Power Generating System.

Fire Safety

The school is equipped with fire extinguishers and has also marked the fire exits for easy escape during a fire. A mock drill is conducted on a regular basis to teach the students on how to act during any disaster.

Vigilance around the Premises

The school has security personnel to monitor the surroundings and activities happening outside the school.

Digital Safety

Digital safety indicates internet safety. School has installed internet with firewalls in all system.

Health and Wellness

Health and hygiene play a crucial role in the well-being of a child. The school is equipped with a medical centre for immediate First Aid.

Workshops on Child Safety-

The school also conducts regular Workshops to create awareness on Child Safety like concept of good touch and bad touch is introduced from a very young age. Students also learn the skill of self-defense through a sport.

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