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“Sports teaches you character, it teaches you to play by the rules, it teaches you to know what it feels like to win or lose, it teaches you about life.”

Physical Education is an integral part of the 'Rajendra's Academy' routine. All students are encouraged to pick up a sport and play regularly. All sports disciplines are practiced under the guidance of specialised coaches. 'Rajendra's Academy' teams regularly participate in district and state level tournaments. The 'Sports Day' is an annual event of great enthusiasm, team-building exercises and absolute excitement.

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'Rajendra's Academy' has two Basketball courts. The school organises local and district-level tournaments on a regular basis. Both the Boys' & Girls' teams of 'Rajendra's Academy', regularly represent the school at these tournaments. This sport has a great pride of place at 'Rajendra's Academy' as many children have taken up the sport and have won many laurels at various levels.

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'Rajendra's Academy' has two Swimming Pools within the premises. One is a 'Splash Pool' where the kindergarten children are encouraged to learn swimming from childhood as a part of an important life skill. The second pool is a 'Half-Olympic Size Pool', where the senior students regularly swim under the supervision of the swimming coach.

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'Rajendra's Academy' has two indoor Badminton courts where students of all age groups regulary come to learn the sport. The school also organises many local and district level tournaments. Both the Boys' and Girls' teams of 'Rajendra's Academy' regularly represent the school at these tournaments.

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'Rajendra's Academy' encourages students to take up Yoga at an early age to inculcate good Indian values from the beginning and also for their overall well-being. The school takes a lot of pride in encouraging Yoga and many children have joined the Yoga activities and have won many awards at various levels.

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Judo is widely popular too. Each year many students enrol for practicing Judo and go on to represent the school in many competitions.

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Table Tennis

'Rajendra's Academy' offers two Table Tennis arenas to interested students for regular practice everyday.

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'Rajendra's Academy' has two Squash courts for students interested in the sport. Daily practice is conducted under the supervision of a Squash coach.

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'Rajendra's Academy' has a lush-green playground for children to run around and Football is played on a regular basis.

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